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It’s no surprise that the famous Gog sausage rolls are a great taste award winning product. With a secret sausage meat recipe handed down through generations of the Bradford family they really are a taste sensation and firm favourite in the range of fine fare created by the resident experts at Heath Farm.

Back in the late 70’s the butchers first began making our unique hand-tied sausages, which are still made the same way today, with each one lovingly crafted by hand.

Using only the leanest, finest quality sausagemeat, the contents are good honest meat deliberately made coarse so you can clearly see the excellence of the meat.

Over the years, the recipe which began with Colin Bradford’s Uncle has been adjusted marginally for present day, with reduced fat and salt.

Building on the success of the sausages, mum Lesley Bradford suggested diversifying into sausage rolls in the late 80s and created them to her own recipe – they were an instant hit and remain one of the best-selling products on the farm and they really are delicious.

Pop into the café or deli where you’ll find a perfectly cooked, crisp and moist sausage roll waiting for you. Or take home some frozen ones from the butchery and cook up a feast at home. You won’t be disappointed!

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