More than just a turkey – our KellyBronze beauties are almost ready for you

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For many years the Bradford family had turkeys roaming free on the farm, but as demand grew we became short of space and wanted to ensure we could guarantee the finest quality bird for your Christmas centrepiece.

Marcus and Colin paid a visit to Paul Kelly on his farm in Essex to see how our Christmas brood is coming along.

More than just a turkey, the KellyBronze birds are a product of the slowest farming method in the world and are bred to be wild. They live as nature intended, with lots of exercise and a natural diet of corn, soya and foraging.

A KellyBronze has superb flavour, texture and even produces it’s own gravy. The secret? They are twice the age of standard intensively farmed turkeys and this maturity has the biggest impact on flavour; they are then plucked by hand, hung and dry-aged like game to give you the most tender meat available.

Order forms will be available later in October, so be sure to get yours in and make this Christmas truly magical!

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