Hand-Tied Sausage for March: ‘Pork & Leek’

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Following the runaway success of February’s ‘Chicken & Tarragon’ sausage of the month, we’ve now got ‘Pork & Leek’. Whilst not quite as out there as its poultry predecessor, these belters are made with all of the butchers typical care and attention.

The butchers use the finest free-range Suffolk pork shoulder and combine with a little breadcrumb, fat, spice and leek (of course!). Mincing takes place in front of customers as much as possible, as they are keen to show that nothing ‘nasty’ goes into the mix (we’ve all heard of sausage horror stories as kids). Finally hand-tied using natural skins in just the same way that our great uncle created them.

Grilled, fried, popped in the oven or even a casserole, these are a perfect sausage to have with a creamy mash on those cold March evenings.

Oh, and of course you’ll be doffing one’s hat to St David…

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